More details coming soon!  Times may be subject to change– please check on the day of the event to confirm the schedule

10:45 AM
Discussion Room

Vegan Dogs and Cats: Facts, Myths, and Controversies
Michael Roth, D.V.M
Veterinarian in private practice for over 30 years

10:45 AM
Community Room

Featured Speaker: Mary Lawrence
Vegan chef, author, and wellness educator

11:50 AM
Community Room

Climate Change: Science and Solutions, Perspectives from a Vegan Climate Scientist
Shania Rogstad
Climate scientist at the Climate Systems Research Center

12:00 Noon
Community Room

Featured Speaker: Victoria Moran
Author of Main  Street Vegan and other acclaimed books

1:00 PM
Discussion Room

How to Veganize Favorite Desserts and Make Them Healthier, but Just as Delicious
Michelle Caron
Educator, herbalist, and holistic health coach

1:30 PM
Community Room

Featured Speaker: Rachel McCrystal
Executive Director of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary

2:10 PM
Discussion Room

David Lovler
Organic vegetable gardener and activist

3:00 PM
Discussion Room

Jessica Weston
Owner and Executive Chef of Superfresh! Organic Cafe