Times may be subject to change– please check on the day of the event to confirm the schedule

10:40 AM
Discussion Room

  Q&A Discussion:  Vegan Blogs– Sharing information to support others– with Aimee Racicot

11:00 AM
Community Room

  Featured Speaker:  Dr. Casey Taft
Psychologist and Co-founder of Vegan Publishers

11:45 PM
Discussion Room

  Demonstration: Techniques and recipes  for boosting nutrition with raw foods– with Amy Sobel

12:15 PM
Community Room

  Featured Speaker:  Ginny Messina
The Vegan R.D., author of Vegan For Her and other acclaimed books

12:50 PM
Discussion Room

  Q&A Discussion: GMO Agrochemicals– on and in our food–
with Ed Stockman of Massachusetts Right-To-Know GMOs

1:30 PM
Community Room

  Featured Speaker:  Jasmin Singer
Co-host and Executive Director of the Our Hen House podcasts, and author of  Always Too Much and Never Enough

1:55 PM
Discussion Room

  Demonstration:  Much ado about sprouting– with David Lovler

2:50 PM
Community Room

  Featured Speaker:  Stephanie Harris
Massachusetts state director with The Humane Society of the United States, and campaign director of the Citizens for Farm Animal Protection ballot initiative.

3:00 PM
Discussion Room

  Q&A Discussion:  Viewing Veganism and Animal Rights Through an Intersectional Lens– with Stacey Phillips and Ana Wolf